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Raviolatrice RS75/RSM
Raviolatrice RS75/RSM

Production per hour Kg. 80/110

  • The “Ravioli Maker” machines have interchangeable moulds and feeding with double sheet of pasta, with feeling regulating also when the machine is in motion.
  • These machines produce “ravioli” with every type of feeling (soft, of meat, of vegetables, etc.).
  • The rollers which calibrate the sheet of pasta, the container of feeling, and the dosage container are made of inox steel.
  • The machine structure is made of steel without varnished.
  • The electric plant and the safety appliances work in low tension (24 Volts).
  • The electric motors are triphase 380/220 Volts, 50/60 Hz.
  • At request we can furnish special voltages.


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