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Cilindro automatico D300
Cilindro automatico D300

Production per hour

D300 V.S.  Kg. 120
D300 D.V.  Kg. 150

The machines “Cilindri Automatici” are planned to produce automatically mixing and sheet to feed Raviolatrici, Tortellinatrici, Cappellettatrici machines and Taglierine automatiche.
The mixers, axles and the rolles are made of inox steel.
The posterior tank can be automatically overturned.
All models are furnished with safety appliances according to the safety regulations now in force.
The electric plant is protected against water and shoves; it is furnished with safety lock.
The electric plant and safety appliances work in low tension (24 Volts).
The electric motors are triphase 380-220 Volts 50/60 Hz.
At request we can furnish special voltages, machines with mixers capacity superior to the one of series and also with different width to the one of series.


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